CIRCA Web Suite

CIRCA, the Center for Instructional & Research Computing Activities, manages computer classrooms and labs, provides computer accounts, consulting support, curriculum services support and distributes software at the University of Florida.

I have worked for CIRCA in one way or another since August of 1999. In 2005, I rose from a Technology Consultant to a CIRCA Operations Supervisor. Due to my previous experience developing and maintaining web systems, I was given the assignment of maintaining and creating web systems for CIRCA.

My main accomplishment with CIRCA is the development of the CIRCA Web Suite. This consists of several separate systems that I joined into one system. They now all share a common code base and database structure. Among the systems in the web suite are the Employee Management System, the Lab Cleaning System, the Headcount System, the Software Management System, and the Key Sign-In System.

CIRCA Web Suite
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Employee Management System
This system holds all employee records, handles employee evaluation, employee-of-the-month, raises and other various functionalities.
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Lab Cleaning System
This system manages the cleaning of the computer labs. Employees log in and choose mark a unit as clean. Supervisor or other Admin can then 'Approve' the cleaning, or request a recleaning. Detailed reports and tools for managing labs and units are available.
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Software Management System
The software on lab computers changes semesterly. This sytem is used to project changes for the next semester to keep users and staff up to date on expected changes.
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