Nikolay Timofeev's Hi-Tech Aerobatics

Nikolay Timofeev is one of the worlds top aerobatics pilots, if not the top. This site was designed to showcase his amazing talents and offer a centralized and organized location where people can get information about his various projects.

Nikolay performs in airshows and competitions around the globe. He is also one of the top mechanics for the Sukhoi SU-26 airplane, and people come from around the world for his expertise. On top of that, he offers personalized coaching in aerobatics.

This site shows some of my graphic design work. All banners and graphics were made by me. The color theme for the site comes from Nikolay's personal airplane stripes.

Several outside technologies were used in the making of this website. I used a Google Calendar for Nikolay to display his coaching schedule. The Google Maps API was used to show the location of Nikolay's airstrip. Also, as a photo gallery, the open source PHP photo gallery Plogger was used.

You can visit Nikolay's website at or

Nikolay Timofeev's Hi-Tech Aerobatics
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