Volunteer Registration System

Magnolia Music and Events, Inc. host two of the most successful music festivals in the south. One of the ingredients that helped bring these festivals to such a revered stature is the volunteers that lend a helping hand in exchange for a festival ticket.

In the past, the Volunteer Coordinator would post a notice and prospective volunteers would send an email containing loosely formatted bits of information. Keeping track of all of the volunteers for a single festival became an unorganized and tedious venture. Even worse was the task of keeping records of volunteers from festival to festival.

This is where I came in. I developed a system that allows volunteers to sign up for the different festivals, keeps lasting and detailed records of every volunteer, and provides a comprehensive toolset for the administrator.

Volunteer Interface
Volunteer Page Volunteer Log-In Part of Registration Form

Administrator Interface
Admin Login Edit Festival Information Edit Applicant Form
Messages Interface Volunteer Rating Other Tools
Reviewing Applications